7.5 million people
200 languages
1,000 beekeepers 
9,476 listed buildings 
28.4 million tourists in 2001
29.7 million tourists in 2002
12% of London's GDP contributed by tourists
30% of London's theatre box-office takings contributed by tourists
8 million visitors a year at museums pre-free admission
13 million visitors a year at museums post-free admission
£7.54 average cost of taxi ride in London
£3.49 average cost of taxi ride in rest of UK
4.5 million man-hours lost per year by tube delays
13,775 lost mobiles
8,348 lost umbrellas
70 square miles of parkland
8 square miles of congestion charge
£54,950 for a car park space in Mayfair
21 weeks wait for a saturday night table at the lvy
46 serving of pie and mash for the cost of set dinner at Nobu
25,000 tonnes of fish a year handled at billingsgate(=ロンドンの魚市場)
24,000 fish reduces when Paddington Basin was drained
200 new flats to be built in Paddington Basin developement
490 new houses built by local authorities in London in 2001
108,700 estimated homeless in London
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